Brookside is a church. But when most people think of church they think; boring, judgmental and irrelevent and Brookside tries very hard to be the antithesis of those things.  In fact Brookside is building a legacy of exciting, accepting and cutting edge.

At Brookside our source of inspiration is Jesus.  Jesus is our answer for everything; our model for life and community, our answer for sin and pain and our hope for the future and the ‘now’.

We don’t believe that our goal in life is to hide away from the world awaiting transportation to a mystical heaven space after we die but rather, we believe that through Jesus we are called to bring heaven to earth , transforming people’s lives and communities.  In short we want to see people be the best they can be and Muswellbrook the best Muswellbrook it can be.

We beliveve Jesus invites us to live lives that are generous, kind, compasisonate, caring, showing undeserved grace, speaking truth, lifting up the oppressed.

Our Mission

The mission of Brookside is to insist with passion and conviction that the gospel be preached, the lost be found, the believers be equipped, the poor be served, the lonely enfolded into community and that God gets the credit for it all.

Our Ministry Leaders

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Rev Darryl Spicer is married to Barbara and they have two sons, Hayden and Ethan. Darryl commenced ministry at Brookside in 2015. Prior to working at Brookside, Darryl worked for churches in Quakers Hill and Windsor in various roles from High School Chaplain to Youth Pastor to Associate Pastor.

Darryl is a man of many talents, most of them very well hidden. To say he loves coffee is an understatement. (He has a café in his home). Darryl is also a sport tragic and a comic book nerd; if it is played chances are he follows it in some shape or form, and if it has a cape involved Darryl can probably give you a complete history of the character. But Darryl’s main desire is “to see everyone presented mature in Christ Jesus” (Col 1:28), to wrestle with faith and to grow in maturity.

Darryl’s role at Brookside is to lead the church as pastor. He is responsible for the preaching and teaching that occurs in the church and for empowering and equipping the church so that God’s purposes and plans can be fulfilled through the whole congregation. He is accountable to the PST (Pastoral Support team) and seeks to create a community where everyone can grow in spiritual maturity.

50th Anniversary

In August 2018 it was fifty years since The Baptist Church in Muswellbrook opened its door to the public on 25th August, 1968. The church name has changed 3 times in its lifetime – originally Muswellbrook Baptist Church, to Muswellbrook Community Baptist Church, back to Muswellbrook Baptist Church and then to Brookside. We celebrated God’s faithfulness to our ministry by having an anniversary dinner and a thanksgiving church service. We’ve seen God bring people into relationship with Him and lives have been changed in this community.

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