If you were to walk into Brookside on any given Sunday you will find people who will differ on theological issues. We are a church that has the word Baptist on the outside but inside we are a mix of different theological traditions and backgrounds. Because of this we believe in giving Grace towards each other as we explore issues and ideas and we are okay with the gamut of different expression on these issues.

But equally, when you walk into Brookside on any given Sunday, we hope that you will find people united around a common value, a non-negotiable basis for our faith, and that is Jesus. We all believe that Jesus, came and lived among us. We believe that Jesus was and is both fully Human and fully God. We believe that he died for us, and that he rose again and as a result, for those who accept him as Saviour and Lord, everything has changed, our relationship with God is restored and we are filled with the presence of the Holy Spirit. And we believe that he will come again.

The Baptist Association of NSW and the ACT puts it like this…

“Each Baptist church in NSW & ACT has its own expression of Christian community. These expressions vary greatly from church to church. However we, like each church and minister, affirm a common set of theological statements in order to be an Affiliated member of the Association or an Accredited (or Recognised) minister. This ensures that the foundation of our movement is based in a common understanding of significant aspects of our faith.”

You can find the full statement of faith here https://nswactbaptists.org.au/beliefs/

Our Mission

The mission of Brookside is to insist with passion and conviction that the gospel be preached, the lost be found, the believers be equipped, the poor be served, the lonely enfolded into community and that God gets the credit for it all.

50th Anniversary

In August 2018 it was fifty years since The Baptist Church in Muswellbrook opened its door to the public on 25th August, 1968. The church name has changed 3 times in its lifetime – originally Muswellbrook Baptist Church, to Muswellbrook Community Baptist Church, back to Muswellbrook Baptist Church and then to Brookside. We celebrated God’s faithfulness to our ministry by having an anniversary dinner and a thanksgiving church service. We’ve seen God bring people into relationship with Him and lives have been changed in this community.

Download the 50th Anniversary Book