Church in the age of COVID-19

Over the past few months, I have noticed there has been a reoccurring theme, or question being asked. I have heard it asked in meetings be it an association/denominational pastors and leaders’ meetings, in our church’s leadership meetings and in-person to person catch up. And it is this what is the church in the age of covid? The church is more than a building, we have been saying that from the start of covid19 isolation and public health orders and the church is more than a denomination, that is simply the expression of values and maybe some doctrinal belief.

It is an understandable question for the time we find ourselves in, right? Now each one of these groups asks the question with a different emphasis, like if talking about a person to person meeting it is about reminding each other that church is more than the building? In our leadership meetings or Baptist association meeting it might focus more on what is the church’s purpose? How do we do church? Why do we do church? Does the church need to change? We find ourselves in a time where the church has changed, it is not the same as it was just a few short months ago and it might be sometime before it has the chance to get back to where it once was. But the question of what is a church is a good one to look at.

There is this Greek word used a fair amount in the New Testament it is ECCLESIA. Ecclesia is used to describe the church. It is used to define people who are “called out” likeminded people, people who believe in Jesus, his death and resurrection. Join us as we explore the idea of what the church is and should look like.