A study of Thessalonians.

Starting 18th July at Brookside Baptist Church.

A lot has changed in our world over our lifetime, with new technologies, such as mobile phones and the internet being invented. Work is just done in an “office”, people buying more things of the internet than bricks and mortar stores, not to mention the changes that have been brought on in the last two years. I can only imagine the response of those early follows of Jesus would be to the world we find ourselves in.


But I think there is something that hasn’t changed and as you read the apostles Paul’s letters to the church in Thessalonica, we realise how true this really is. The lessons and Paul’s words ring true for us today. As he seeks to encourage the people to live with integrity motivated by love, Paul talks about how the Thessalonians need hope, virtue, and assurance. That they needed to be corrected and challenged and to be prodded. And the Thessalonians need to be reminded that they need peace and grace that only God can give.

And we still need these reminders today.

Why not join us in person or online via our Facebook live stream starting Sunday the 18th July 2021 as we look at 1 and 2 Thessalonians.