Easter 2021

Our world today sees no real need for a religious figure who lived two millennia ago. He did not help them get their first job, buy their first house, or find their first wife.
They may even ask, “what has he ever done for me?”
He does not provide entertainment, cure sickness on command, or find that parking spot next to the door. He does not stop plagues or fires in their tracks. Nor does he help my footy team win games.
They think, “why would I need Jesus if he does not help with the things most important to me?”
There are even some Christians who claim his name, appoint him their co-pilot, or use him as Saviour don’t feel they need him once they have him in their pile of stuff. While they sing songs with his name in them, they can go days, weeks, and months without a single thought of needing Christ for anything. Dare I say it even ministry work and Bible study can distract us from the need for Christ if it is done as busywork and not with Christ as the goal.
It is a worthwhile question to ask why you need Jesus Christ. Especially if you think of yourself as a Christian who already believes in him. This is what Easter time is for, a chance to remember that we need Jesus.
Perhaps you don’t think you need Christ because you see Christians who live like they don’t. Do not let this fool you. Many Christians have not yet learned all that they need from him and are busy seeking their own things and not the things of Christ.
The need for Christ is greater than our need for anything else, but it is easy to ignore your greatest needs when you don’t know how to meet them. What is most important gets reduced to only those needs that you can fulfill: food, money, temporary happiness. The greatest needs of mankind remain unfulfilled, and your life will be too without Christ.
Your need for Jesus Christ can be met by believing the gospel that Christ supplies everything you need for salvation, life, truth, and joy. Christ can be in you today, providing forgiveness, strength, the hope of glory, and grace freely when you believe he provided what you need.
Every person needs the Lord Jesus Christ. Not every man knows it. Now you know. What will you do now?