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Sinai v’s Zion

28 October 2018
In this passage they compare two mountains: The first is Mt Sinai, the place where the law was given; and Mt Zion, or the city of Zion. The complete perfect kingdom of…

Seek Peace.

21 October 2018
Conflict seems to part of our everyday life.  Discouragement often happens. Disagreement happens between the closest of friends.   In this passage the writer encourages us to live at peace with…

Use it to be better

14 October 2018
The word discipline is used quite a bit in this passage. Our first thought often is that discipline is equal to punishment. However, here the writer is using it in…

To run the race

7 October 2018
Stick with it, keep running. Just like the heroes of faith did. Continue to train to lose the things that slow you down. And keep looking to Jesus.

Heroes of the faith

30 September 2018
Hebrews 11 gives us many examples of 'Old Testament heroes of the faith'. These were not perfectly obedient people, but they demonstrated a trust in God's promises. They had a…

Why Blood?

16 September 2018
The concept of blood paying for wrongdoings is a concept that we today struggle with. So what do we do with a text like this? Skip it? Engage with it…